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RENEW functions in four important ways:


First, the network holds community forums to engage citizens in constructive dialog about issues in education, family life, and other community matters that have an impact on poverty and incarceration. 


Second, RENEW brings awareness of relevant community resources that are available to families. We seek to motivate families early in a child’s academic journey to stem the tide of unneeded suspensions which could start the engine of failure and teach children to hate the learning environment. 


Third, RENEW conducts a tutoring/mentoring program at local recreation centers (and other conveniently accessible venues) which uses older students to tutor and motivate younger students to improve learning and retention in reading and math. 


Finally, RENEW builds an internet presence through social media to extend the dialog of community meetings, report success stories, and connect stakeholders in a joint effort to benefit our children.


Dr. Lynette Wood, CPA

Professor of Accounting

Winston-Salem State University

Don Wood

Chief Consultant

Wood Communication


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